Missionaries from JGLM UK – April 2023

It was such a privilege to mission together with our brothers and sisters from JGLM UK.

It was a week of being immersed in the Word of God, praying together, edifying one another and going out to the mission field daily.

Brother Curry Blake travels worldwide to share with people that every believer should be a doer of the Word, everyone deciding to obey the Word can be used by God.

In the course of a week, we had an open air service where a group of children and teenagers, as well as adults asked Jesus Christ to be Lord and master of their lives.

We went from house to house to share the gospel with people and also were able to hand out clothing and food.  We ministered healing to people at a state clinic and visited a retirement village and was able to pray for many of the elderly.

We saw God use His people in amazing ways.  People received freedom, physical healing and were baptized in water and received the baptism of The Holy Spirit.

We were able to take a baptism pool into the area and baptize people after sharing the gospel with them.

In the evenings we sat around the campfire worshiping and praising God, sharing what God did throughout the day.

A few testimonies that stood out was a man we found on the street and when we asked if he needed prayer, he asked if we would go to pray for his wife who was bedridden.  When we arrived at their shack, his wife started crying and we laid hands on her and commanded sickness to leave her body in Jesus’ Name. She sat up and we helped her to stand up. She walked with us and we just kept speaking life into her body. While outside, she said that all the symptoms are gone, no pain. She the told us that she was praying that morning and God gave her a dream that people were going to come to her house to pray for her and she would be healed.  She thought it was only a dream and didn’t realize that God’s plans for her were amazing. He is the miracle working God, that hears every heart’s cry, hallelujah!

Another testimony was of a lady who heard voices speaking to her daily, we commanded every enemy to leave her immediately and the voices went away. We shared the gospel with her, she asked Jesus Christ to be Lord of her life. We baptized her in water and prayed for her to receive the baptism of The Holy Spirit. She is living in the freedom that Jesus paid for!

Our God is amazing! For the scripture says, “whoever believes in Him will not be put to shame” Romans 10:11

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