About Curry Blake

Curry R. Blake

General Overseer of John G. Lake Ministries
Curry R. Blake is recognized around the world as a leading authority on Divine Healing, Charismatic Church History, and the life and ministry of John G. Lake.
His ability to communicate deep spiritual truths in a simple, yet profound manner, has ignited true spiritual revival in Christians worldwide. As a leader in the current Apostolic/Prophetic/Healing Movement, Rev. Blake is considered a spiritual mentor to a large number of the ministries birthed in this current move of God.

Life and testimony

Born April 1, 1959 in Jasper, TX. At 17 months of age Curry was hit by an automobile in the driveway of his grandparent’s home. Curry’s father did not see him as he was backing out. The car ran over his head, ripping his right ear off. The car’s wheel pinched his scalp to the point that it ripped from his right ear to his left ear. This ripping caused his scalp to be pulled down across his forehead to the top of his eyes.

Curry’s grandfather came out of the house, picked Curry up, picked up his ear, put him in his truck and drove him to the hospital. The doctor’s told Curry’s mother to buy a casket and plan his funeral because there was no way he could survive such extensive brain damage. Curry’s mother, a Pentecostal, began to pray. She told God that if He would spare Curry’s life, she would raise him and train him to serve Him. The doctors came out of surgery to tell her that if he lived, he would be completely handicapped and that someone would have to care for him the rest of his life. The doctors went back to surgery and Curry’s mother went back to praying. This time she said, “God, if you’re going to let him live, then heal him completely.”

After some time, the doctors returned saying, “Well, we can’t find any signs of brain damage, but, if he lives and even if he doesn’t have any brain damage, he will never have any hair and he will never hear out of his right ear.” Once again his mother began praying. She told God, that if He was going to let Curry live, that he would be of no use to Him unless he was completely healed.

Today, Curry is totally and perfectly healed. He has at least an average IQ and a full head of hair and perfect hearing in both ears. At 17 years of age, Curry enlisted in the U.S. Air Force as a Security Police, Law Enforcement Specialist.

During his term of enlistment, God began to deal with him about answering the call to ministry. After some time he decided to go with his heart. He began to pray about being released from his enlistment contract. Within 3 days, Curry was called to the C.O’s office, where he was informed that there were too many Security Police at that time and that he had a choice of either changing fields or receiving an Honorable Discharge with full G.I. benefits. Curry took the latter. After his discharge, Curry went home to share the news with his father and mother that he was going to preach. When he told them what had happened, his parents told him how he had been given to God 17 years earlier. He had known about the accident, and how God had delivered him, but he had not known about his mother’s dedicating him to God. Within 1 year he was married and had a child on the way.

By 1983 Curry and his wife had 3 children.

Over the years, God has done many wonderful things in the Blake’s lives. Below are just a few of them.

Curry’s father, Johny F. Blake, has been a Police Officer, Narcotics Detective, Chief of Police, and an Internal Affairs Officer with The State of Texas Department of Corrections.

Today, Curry’s father is a saved, spirit-filled, man of God.

Curry Relates Some Family Miracles:

When my youngest daughter was 7 years old, she fell from a second story window onto a concrete patio. When I reached her, she was dead. I picked her up and walked around the patio saying, “In the Name of Jesus, you will live and not die.” This continued for over five minutes. I walked into our dining room and placed her on the floor, propping her up against a wall. She was still dead, with no heartbeat, and no breath.

My wife ran into the room in a panic. The Gift of Faith was in operation as I turned to her and said, “If you can’t believe, get out.” She calmed down. I knelt down in front of my daughter and continued saying, “In the Name of Jesus, you will live and not die.” After another 20 or 30 times of repeating this statement, my daughter suddenly expelled a strong breath, spewing blood all over my shirt. The first words she spoke to me were “Daddy, I’m hungry.”

We took her to the hospital where doctor’s confirmed that she had been dead for at least 45 minutes. Today, that daughter, Becky, is a born-again, Spirit-filled, missionary-minded young lady.

Curry and his family now live near Dallas, Texas, from which they spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, a gospel of help, healing, and freedom for all the oppressed.

Dr. Lester Sumrall was Curry’s Pastor, Bible School Teacher, and mentor. Curry and his wife Dawn were in charge of Dr. Sumrall’s prayer line ministry during our time at his Church and Bible School.

The Rev. Wilford Reidt (the son-in-law of the late Dr. John G. Lake) and his wife, Gertrude (Dr. Lake’s daughter) were good friends and mentors to Bro. Curry. Upon Rev. Reidt’s death in 1987, Curry was named as the General Overseer of the International Apostolic Council, an organization founded by the late Dr. John G Lake in 1914. In continuing Dr. Lake’s work, we have established John G. Lake Healing Rooms throughout the U.S.

In 1997 Rev. Blake was given a copy of a manual used by Dr. Lake to train his Divine Healing Technicians (DHT’s) (see: Who is John G. Lake?). Since that time Bro. Curry has been traveling and training Christians in how to minister healing to the sick. Thousands of DHT’s have been trained around the U.S. and the world. Over 30,000 healings per month are being reported by these average men and women of God. Every type of disease has been healed and several dead have been raised. For more info on this training, please see: “DHT Comments” on our index page.

In 1947, Gordon and Freda Lindsay co-founded “The Voice of Healing” magazine (and movement) to highlight the ministry of William Branham. Through the Lindsay’s untiring efforts the VOH became a movement that has blessed millions around the world with salvation from sin, deliverance from demons, and physical healing of literally every type of sickness and disease.

In 2001, Curry met with Mrs. Freda Lindsay (Co-founder of Christ for the Nations and her son Dennis Lindsay, President of CFNI).

Rev. Blake is currently President of The International Divine Healing Association (IDHA), which is a network of Christians involved in the divine healing ministry. Curry also heads the Divine Healing Institute (DHI), a research and development training organization specifically directed toward increasing the effectiveness of Divine Healing Technicians and members of the IDHA.

The IDHA also oversees all training and communications with John G. Lake Healing Rooms.

(Please note: The Healing Rooms in Spokane are not affiliated with John G. Lake Ministries nor do they teach Dr. Lake’s Divine Healing Technician Training material.)