About Study Groups

What is a JGLM Study Group?

A JGLM study group is a gathering of like minded believers whether in a living room, on skype, or in the local coffee shop with the intent to study the Divine Healing Technician Training and live it out. JGLM study groups are an opportunity to start meeting together prior to fulfilling the requirements to become a Certified DHT or LifeTeam Leader. After becoming a Certified DHT you will gain access to the start LifeTeam page where you will be launched into leadership. Study groups are not LifeTeams, in that LifeTeams are recognized and approved by JGLM HQ USA having adopted the mission of the message and are dedicated to reaching their city with the victory and power of the simple yet effective Gospel, while study groups are internally focused to help believers get grounded in the Divine Healing Technician Training. If you are planning on becoming a LifeTeam Leader get a head start by gathering your potential team and begin to study the Divine Healing Technician Training. As you begin ministering healing to others; don’t forget to complete the DHT Monthly Update to get in on the monthly conference call with our leaders.

Guidelines for a Study Group

  1. Begin to gather your group. Understand that those who start with you may not finish with you. Use this time to establish relationships and find mutual commitment within the group. (Read Romans 15:5 in the Wuest translation)
  2. Meet every week. Select a day together that you can begin meeting consistently each week. This will build responsibility and accountability within the study group. (Check out Hebrews 10:25 + Acts 2:42 in the Wuest)
  3. Get started! You can begin meeting as a study group right away. If you do decide to start meeting please mark the appropriate box in your DHT Monthly Update. You should also start ministering healing for people because once you are a CDHT we may ask your help to answer prayer requests from your area.
  4. Watch one DHT session per week. Have the entire group watch the same session of the DHT in their own time before the meeting, then let this session be the topic of discussion at the weekly meeting. You can also watch the session together as a group during the meeting. This will keep the group united at the same pace and on the same topics.
  5. Location may fluctuate. The meeting location may change from week to week. You can meet in homes, online, or in a public place. Meeting in a public place will provide you with the opportunity practice what you preach by ministering to those that are brought across your path.
  6. Be doers of the Word. If you are planning to become a LifeTeam Leader the most important thing is to become a doer of the Word. You will reproduce what you are. If you are a doer you will reproduce doers, but if only a hearer, then only hearers. (read James 1:22 in the Wuest)
  7. No socials or logos. As a study group you do not have permission to use any logos associated with JGLM, LifeTeams, or DHTs. The creation of social media accounts, pages, or groups to promote a study group is also unnecessary and will result in the disbanding of the study group. (Proverbs 2:6-8)
  8. Keep communication. Stay in touch with headquarters each month by completing a DHT Monthly Update . This is a requirement if you plan to become a Certified DHT. Upon completing this update you will receive a link to join a video call at the end of the month with JGLM leaders from around the world. (Galatians 6:6)
  9. Connect with leaders. As you stay in communication by completing the monthly updates you may be contacted by regional or state leaders to help you along the way. There may already be a monthly call available for your area but if not you can join weekly video training calls directly from the calendar on the Locate LifeTeam page.